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Open Source

Base Web Application

I had been working on a number of web projects and was copying code form project to project when I noticed errors creeping in. I would update something in one place but then forget to to it in another so I decided to get organized. I pulled some common elements into a git repository and rebased my projects off the common code. Since then when I want to add a feature across projects I push it to the repository of common code then do a 'git pull upstream master'. As this code has been useful fo me I have released it under the MIT License. I am afraid without a bit of instruction it is a bit daunting and probably more challenging to use than something like CakePHP or Django though Base Web Application in very lean in comparison.

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Bluetooth LE with Arduino

I have been working here and there on a project over the course of 2018 involving Arduinos communicating to a Linux PC via Bluetooth LE. This project while seemingly something someone somewhere must have done already is as far as I can tell a first. Therefore I have been writing it up in my spare time. Now this paper is not quite ready for publication but here is a partial draft.

Digital Archives

I was asked by a client how could they "collect digital images from the community?" They had acquired a CD storage cabinet and were hoping to build an archive of digital images. Now I had misgivings about this so I started doing some research and in the process I discovered a wealth of information but no solid recommendations. Therefore, I began to write a new paper on digital archives. That paper is not quite ready but here is a sample from an early draft.

What Small Businesses Need to Know about IT

I worked for a small technology support company for a couple of years and kept facing the same couple of basic conversations with clients. After one particularly frustrating day of answering the same question over and over again, I started writing. I wrote and I rewrote and it ended up being a good bit more work than I remembered to write something so short. But I thought the information was worthwhile so I posted my work online. It is a bit dated in 2018 but most of what I wrote still holds true.

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